Riddell Kombine LN


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RipKord – A cord strategically integrated within the foam padding that can be pulled out to separate the component, significantly reducing the time between possible injury occurrence and shoulder pad removal.
Air Management Liner System – Hits produce energy. The Riddell Air Management Liner System helps reduce the energy transferred on a hit with cushions of air held within semi-sealed chambers that spread the impact force out from point of impact and release it at a controlled rate.
Flat Pad Design – Keeping a low profile means the cap – sits on the humerous – and epaulet – its on the crown of the shoulder pad – don’t interfere with a player’s helmet when rotating side-to-side.
Corrugated Arches – Riddell’s arches – the molded plastic that sits over the shoulder and on top of the padded liner – are enginnered using a design element called “corrigation” that stiffens and strengthens the structure to reduce weight without also reducing the protective qualities of the component.
Velvet Matrerial on the collar for a more comfortable feel.
Front Deltoid Pads protect the deltoid muscle during contact.
Dual-Strap System – one 1.5″ PVC belt and one 1.5″ elastic strap.
Recommended Positions: LM – OL – DL

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