Riddell Phenom SK


Riddell Phenom SK

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Air Management System Liner – hitting energy production. The Riddell Liner Air Management System helps to reduce the energy transmitted by a hit with air cushions which are held in semi-enclosed rooms that spread the impact force from the impact point and release at a controlled rate.
Flatpad design – Low profile means keeping the cap on the humerous – and epaulet sits – at the top of the shoulder – not interfere with the helmet of a player in the side-to-side rotation.
Corrugated arcs – the arches of Riddell – the molded plastic that is disposed over the shoulder and top of the filled liner – are twisted with the help of a design element that is called “reinforcement” and stiffens and strengthens the structure in order to reduce the weight without also to decrease protective properties of the part.
Includes a removable backplate
PVC strap – 1 “PVC belt.

Recommended position: skilled positions

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