Op basis van de resultaten van de afgelopen weken zijn de Amsterdam Crusaders veertien plekken gezakt op de Europese ranglijst van Podyum Recruit. De Crusaders staan nu op de tweeëntwintigste plek. Podyum Recruit is kritisch op de resultaten, maar heeft vertrouwen in de ontwikkeling van het eerste team. Hier is wat het recruteringsplatform te zeggen had:

De top 25 van Europa, volgens Podyum Recruit.

Before April, the Crusaders beat the Düsseldorf Panther 20-7.  Honestly, this should have been much more of a blow out to justify the 8th spot in Europe, which is where we originally had them.  Now that they’ve also lost to Cologne (23-38), it’s time to admit that the Crusaders have not transitioned as they had hoped. We still believe in the program and where they are heading, but they deserved to be dropped significantly from the top ten.  Best upcoming game in April?  It’s hard to think which game is “bigger”–the Frankfurt Universe on April 14 or the New Yorker Lions on April 28, but we’re going with the Universe, because if the Crusaders can’t beat the Universe, at home, they certainly will need a miracle to beat the Lions on the road.  Additionally, there’s never any real shame in losing to the Lions. And while the Frankfurt Universe are a perennial powerhouse in Europe, the Amsterdam Crusaders need to be big time enough to take them down on their home field to justify breaking free from the Dutch League. Pressure on.

Een kritische analyse van Podyum Recruit dus, maar we gaan er alles aan doen om weer bij de top van Europa te horen. De eerste stap kunnen we volgende week maken tegen Frankfurt Universe in de strijd om de Eurobowl.

Kick-off is op 14 april om 18.00 uur, be there!

Uit de oude doos: de Crusaders twee jaar geleden voorafgaand aan de wedstrijd tegen Frankfurt Universe.

Bron: https://recruit.thepodyum.com/articles/1036-podyums-top-25-in-europe-april-edition-2018